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How Can I Tell if The Fuel Pump Has Died in My European Automobile?

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The fuel pump in your European automobile transfers the fuel from the tank to the engine. Without a functioning fuel pump, your engine will become fuel-starved. Lucas Auto Care can test your fuel pump to see if it is still working if you notice any of the signs of a dying fuel pump below. If you’re driving a European automobile with over 100,000 miles on it, it’s possible that your fuel pump has died and needs to be replaced.

Your Engine Sputters

The faster you go in your European beauty the more fuel the engine needs. If the fuel pump is going out, your vehicle may sputter at high speeds because it’s not getting enough fuel to maintain the speed. You may also notice that your acceleration lags when you press down on the accelerator. You will continue to experience these engine performance issues until you get the fuel pump replaced.

The Engine Overheats

A dying fuel pump can actually make your engine overheat because the fuel pump motor overheats. When the fuel pump motor gets too hot, this heat will be transferred into the engine and, consequently, your engine will overheat. The reason why the fuel pump motor overheats is that the fuel pump is not drawing enough fuel to cool the engine down.

The Fuel Pressure Is Low

Another sign that your fuel pump is dying is low fuel pressure. You can test the fuel pressure with a gauge that you can purchase at an auto parts store or you can let us test your fuel pressure for you. If the fuel pressure is not within the range that is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer, your fuel pump is not functioning as it should be.

The Engine Lags When Stressed

You probably don’t use your European automobile to tow things, that there may be times when you overload it. There are also times when you drive up steep inclines. Both of these things stress the engine and it needs more gas or diesel fuel to maintain power. If it doesn’t get this excess fuel, the engine will lag.

Your Fuel Economy Has Tanked

Anytime your engine is not running efficiently, your fuel economy will tank. This includes if your fuel pump is malfunctioning and not getting enough fuel into the engine. Unfortunately, you will continue to suffer from poor gas mileage until you get the fuel pump replaced.

The Engine Won’t Start

Finally, eventually, you will be unable to start your automobile. This is because the fuel pump has died completely and is no longer able to supply the engine with gasoline or diesel fuel.

Call Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, today if you suspect your vehicle’s fuel pump is going out. We are European automobile service and repair experts.

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