Heater Core Repair In Houston

Heater Core Repair

The heater core is the key component in your vehicle’s engine cooling system that allows heat to blow through the vents. When you turn the heater on in the car, that is the heater core going to work. The best identifier for the heater core is that it looks like a miniature radiator in your vehicle. While using the same lines as the coolant system and still running through the engine block, the heater core draws heat from the engine and uses it to heat the cabin. When the driver turns on the heat, hot coolant is diverted into the heater core from these tubes and begins to warm the heater core itself. A fan begins to run, forcing the hot air around the heater core into the cabin as heated air. It is rather simple mechanically, but makes a lot of sense and is very effective. If your heat is not properly working, it could be a sign that your heater core is blocked or has begun to corrode. We recommend that you make an appointment with Lucas Auto Care right away so that proper service can be made.