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Five Winter Services for Your European Automobile

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Now is the perfect time to bring your European automobile into Lucas Auto Care for winter services. Winter services make certain that your vehicle can handle the wet weather in Cypress, Texas without any problems. This includes ensuring that your vehicle remains safe.

1. Battery Test

One of the first things we will do when you bring your vehicle in for a winter maintenance check is to test the battery to ensure it is generating proper voltage and holding a charge. Cold weather can reduce the amount of charge a battery holds and, as a consequence, it’s much easier for the battery to die in the winter than it is any other time of year.

2. Brake Inspection

We will also inspect your brakes to make certain that there is plenty of surface on the pads, that the rotor surfaces are cut properly, and that there isn’t any other problem with the brake system. It’s important that your brakes operate at full capacity during wet winter weather. Being unable to stop your European automobile will cause an accident.

3. Fluid Check

Now is a good time for a fluid check, as well. We will check all of the fluids in your automobile including the power steering fluid, the transmission fluid, and the engine coolant. If any of the fluids are old and dirty, we will change them. If any of the levels are low, we will top the fluid off if it doesn’t need to be changed. Never underestimate the importance of the fluids in your automobile.

4. Oil Change

It’s also an excellent time to get your oil changed. Some people prefer to switch to synthetic motor oil in the winter because it stands up to cold weather better. We can do this if your vehicle uses conventional oil. Either way, fresh oil in the engine will ensure that it is lubricated properly and keep the heat and friction down. As with the fluids, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of oil, as well.

5. Tire Inspection

Finally, in order to make certain that your tires can maintain their grip on the wet roads, we will inspect the tread to make sure you have plenty of depth left. If you don’t, it’s important to purchase a new set of tires for your European automobile. Bald tires on wet roads will hydroplane quickly and easily. You do not want to lose control of your car, crossover, or SUV.

Call Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, today to schedule your winter vehicle inspection.

Photo by AndreyPopov from Getty Images via Canva Pro