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Five Signs Your European Automobile’s Fuel Injectors Are Clogged

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When it comes to European automobile service and repair, Lucas Auto Care is staffed with experts. We bring decades of experience working on European automobiles to the table. If you notice any of the following signs below, it’s possible that your European automobile’s fuel injectors are clogged or leaking. Bring your vehicle to our shop so we can inspect the injectors and replace them if necessary. If they are only clogged, we will professionally clean them to restore your engine’s performance.

1. Dancing RPM Needle

Clogged fuel injectors will make your tachometer needle dance up and down. This is because the engine is getting spurts of fuel through the clogged injectors and it is burning away the uneven fuel flow. Every time the engine gets an influx of fuel, the RPMs will rev higher and your needle will bounce up. Once the stream of fuel stops, the engine will lag and your needle will go back down.

2. Dead Engine

If the fuel injectors are completely clogged, you may end up with a dead engine in your European automobile. This is because the fuel injectors are the fuel system part that gets the gasoline or diesel fuel into the combustion chamber. Naturally, if the injectors are clogged, you won’t have any fuel in the combustion chamber and your engine cannot generate combustion without fuel.

3. Misfiring Engine

You may also notice that your engine misfires with clogged or leaking fuel injectors. Let’s assume first that the fuel injectors are clogged. This puts your engine into a fuel-starved condition and your acceleration and engine performance will lag. If the fuel injectors are leaking, they could be causing flooding in the combustion chamber and your engine will surge.

4. Poor Fuel Economy

Either condition will reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy. Your European automobile cannot get the gas mileage promised on the sticker if the engine is not running efficiently. Clogged or leaking fuel injectors reduce your engine’s efficiency, and you will notice a difference in your gas mileage. Unfortunately, the mileage will continue to be a problem until you get the fuel injectors cleaned or replaced.

5. Rough Idling

Finally, as with the engine misfiring discussed above, you will also notice your European automobile idling roughly if the fuel injectors are clogged or leaking. The reason why the idle is rough is the same reason why the engine misfires. You either have too little or too much fuel in the combustion chamber.

Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, is here to help. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a fuel injection service if you believe your fuel injectors are clogged or leaking.

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