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European Automobile Transmission Problems

European automobiles are amazing pieces of machinery that rarely have any problems, especially if you take care of your European beauty. Lucas Auto Care is going to talk about the transmission in this blog. We’re going to focus on automatic transmissions since they are more popular than manual transmissions these days. Generally, you should plan to have your automatic transmission serviced every 30,000 miles. If you fail to do so, you may notice one or more of the following signs of transmission problems.

Burning Odors

When a transmission overheats, it emits burning odors from underneath your European automobile. The reason why your transmission is overheating is most likely that you don’t have enough transmission fluid in the transmission. This will make the transmission run too hot.

Check Engine Warning

The transmission will trigger a check engine warning on your dashboard if it is going bad. It has sensors that communicate with your European automobile’s main computer check, the engine control module. Once the sensors report a problem to the module, it will turn on the check engine light so you know there’s trouble.

Gear-Shifting Problems

Naturally, a faulty transmission will make it difficult to shift the gears. You may have a hard time getting the transmission to engage once you put it in gear. It may also slip out of gear once it’s in gear. In some cases, the transmission will not complete the gear cycle or it will skip gears in the cycle. Any of these things point to a transmission problem in your European automobile.

Leaking Fluid

Because the transmission is located underneath your automobile toward the center, you will find leaking fluid from the transmission there. Transmission fluid is bright red and translucent. It can leak from any of the gaskets or seals, the transmission pan, the hoses, or the torque converter.

Odd Noises

As the transmission shifts through the gear cycle, you shouldn’t hear any grinding or squealing sounds. You also shouldn’t hear any humming as it shifts gears or when you are sitting at an idle. If you hear humming when the transmission is in neutral, this is definitely a sign that there is something wrong with your automatic transmission.

Odd Sensations

Finally, if your vehicle clunks into gear, this is not a good sign. Any strange sensations such as clunking, shaking, or vibrating point to transmission problems that need your immediate attention.

Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, can help. We are experts in European automobile maintenance and repair, and we can inspect your automatic transmission to make sure everything is a-okay.

Photo by sspopov from Getty Images via Canva Pro