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Don’t Let Your Acura’s Oil Filter Get Clogged

Lucas Auto Care cannot overstate the importance of your Acura’s oil changes. When the oil is changed, the oil filter is changed, as well. You cannot afford to allow the oil filter to get clogged because it can cause serious damage to the Acura’s engine. We are your one-stop shop for all of your Acura’s service and repair needs, including oil changes. Here are signs that your Acura’s oil filter is clogged.

Bad Engine Performance

There will be a noticeable reduction in the engine’s performance because you have dirty motor oil circulating through the engine. The motor oil will deposit grime onto the moving parts that will slow them down. Unfortunately, this will slow down your engine’s performance and your Acura will struggle to run. If left unchecked, the clogged filter will soon prevent the motor oil from circulating through the engine.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Unfortunately, the poor engine performance will reduce the fuel economy that your Acura gets. Consequently, you will need to fill the Acura’s fuel tank more often because it will burn through the fuel more quickly. Regular oil changes help keep your engine running efficiently, and this helps the Acura get the best gas mileage that it can get. Don’t waste money on extra fuel when you don’t have to.

Reduced Oil Pressure

Another thing the clogged oil filter will reduce is the oil pressure in the Acura’s engine. This low oil pressure can start to damage moving parts. As such, the Acura’s main computer chip, the engine control module, will turn on the oil light to alert you of the oil pressure problem. Head straight to our shop if you have an illuminated oil light on the dashboard.

Strange Metallic Noises

As we mentioned above, the clogged oil filter can prevent the oil flow. Consequently, you will hear strange clanking and grinding noises in your Acura’s engine. The minute you hear this noise, pull over and stop driving the Acura. This is a sign that the oil cannot make it into the engine because it is stuck behind the clogged oil filter. Driving the Acura will irreparably damage the engine.

Increased Hydrocarbons

Finally, if your Acura is required to take an emissions test, it will fail it if the oil filter is clogged. This is because the dirty motor oil that is circulating through the engine introduces excess hydrocarbons into your Acura’s exhaust.

Call Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, today to schedule an oil change for your Acura if this service is overdue.

Photo by RussieseO from getty images via Canva Pro