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Does Your European Automobile Have Exhaust System Problems?

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Your European automobile may have exhaust system problems if you notice any of the following problems discussed below. Lucas Auto Care can inspect your exhaust system and recommend and then perform upon your approval any necessary repairs. It’s important that you avoid driving your vehicle with a faulty exhaust system. This can be dangerous to your health if you are inhaling exhaust fumes.

Damaged Tailpipe

You can check for one exhaust system problem yourself. Inspect your European automobile’s tailpipe regularly to see if you can see any visible damage. Examples of visible damage include holes or pits in the tailpipe, a hanging tailpipe, or a dented or bent tailpipe. If the tailpipe on your car or crossover is damaged, it’s a good idea to have it replaced as soon as possible.

Engine Burning Odors

Burning odors coming from the engine can make driving your European automobile dangerous. In the case of the exhaust system, you will smell burning odors if you have a crack in the exhaust manifold gasket. As the hot exhaust escapes through the crack and into the engine, it will begin to melt plastic or rubber auto parts that are nearby. It can also melt wiring insulation.

Gasoline Odors

Don’t drive your European automobile if you smell gasoline or diesel fuel. If these odors are finding their way into the passenger cabin, you either have a leaking or clogged exhaust system. Driving while inhaling the odors can be dangerous and even deadly. Stop driving your automobile if you smell diesel fuel or gasoline on the inside of the vehicle.

Loud Engine Noise

Loud engine noises can also signal a problem with the exhaust system. For example, if the muffler is compromised, you will hear your European automobile’s engine in all of its splendor and glory and it will be loud! If you hear tapping or hissing noises that are loud and constant, your exhaust manifold is leaking. Don’t get a moving violation by driving your vehicle with a screaming engine.

Performance Loss

Exhaust system problems can also create issues with your European automobile’s engine performance. You will experience sluggish performance that lags. This includes when you try to accelerate the vehicle. Unfortunately, the exhaust system is either clogged and stuffing the engine full of exhaust or leaking and filling the engine with exhaust system gases.

Lucas Auto Care is the best auto service shop in Cypress, TX, so call us today if you are having exhaust system problems with your European automobile. 

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