Condenser Services In Houston

Condenser Services and Repair

The condenser is a vital piece to your vehicles air conditioning system. The compressor accepts the refrigerant fluid as a cool gas, which it begins to pressurize at a high rate. As the pressure increases, the cool gas slowly begins to heat, and moves to a liquid state. From there, the now hot refrigerant passes into the condenser through hollow tubes. Using the same technology as an air-cooled engine, the condenser cools the refrigerant by the use of fins on the condenser’s casing which disperse ambient heat. This rapidly cools the refrigerant for its next step. From there, the refrigerant is funneled into a single tube with a small opening. The pressure behind it forces the refrigerant through the opening as a fine mist, which passes through another set of coils as it draws the heat from the ambient air. Your condenser is one of the most likely parts to fail in your air conditioning system, so if you are experiencing issues with your system, make an appointment at Lucas Auto Care today.