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Common MINI Cooper Problems

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You don’t need to worry if you drive a MINI Cooper. Lucas Auto Care can take care of the MINI by servicing it according to the factory-service schedule and repairing it when something goes wrong. We are going to list some common MINI Cooper problems below that we fix all the time here at our shop.

Cooling System Damage

Your MINI Cooper holds the radiator in place with plastic supports. The coolant hose is also located near these supports. Unfortunately, both the supports and the hose are located fairly low underneath the MINI in the front. If you hit the front end on a curb or parking space marker, you could damage both.

Timing Chain Noise

Your MINI Cooper has a timing chain rather than a timing belt. As the MINI ages, the chain can loosen and start to vibrate. When it vibrates, it also makes noise. If you hear strange noises coming from your MINI’s engine, especially when you start it, head straight to our shop so we can check the timing chain.

Power Steering Pump Failure

Unfortunately, the power steering pump in many MINI Coopers has become the subject of recalls. If you are having difficulty turning your MINI’s steering wheel, or if the MINI is not responding to your steering commands, have the vehicle towed to our shop so we can replace the power steering pump.

Cooling System Leaks

Another common and unfortunate problem is cooling system leaks in the MINI Cooper specifically from the water pump or thermostat. The leaks will start off slow and get larger as the coolant eats through the metal out of which the pump and thermostat housing is made. Your MINI may start to overheat.

Failing Clutch

If you take it easy on your MINI Cooper’s clutch and have it adjusted every 6,000 miles, you will get a long life out of the original part. This being said, the MINI’s clutch is prone to fail eventually, and, as such, we will need to replace the factory clutch with a new one at some point in the MINI’s life.

Transmission Failure

This common problem stings and can be avoided. For some reason, BMW, the manufacturer of MINI Cooper, did not recommend transmission fluid changes every 30,000 miles. This can cause your transmission to malfunction. Avoid this by defying BMW and having the transmission fluid changed.

We can do that here at Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX, so call us for a service appointment today.

Photo by Kristóf Sass-Kovan from Pexels via Canva Pro