The brakes on your Audi offer a great deal of performance and stopping power when they come from the factory. However, if you are looking for more stopping power then you have some options. Celebrating 50 years of existence in 2011, Brembo is perhaps the best-known name for performance braking systems in the world. Brembo offers a few solutions to improve the braking characteristics and level of performance for most popular Audi’s. In fact, some Audi’s come from the factory with Brembo components already installed.

At Lucas Auto Care we use only OEM parts for repairs on your Audi, and this includes using Brembo brake components if that is what your vehicle came with from the factory. If you are looking for improved brake performance then Brembo has some products for you as well. They offer the Brembo Sport which is ideal for street and track use or Brembo Gran Turismo which is designed for track use only. The biggest difference in the 2 options is that the Gran Turismo is designed to operate at higher temperatures than normally occur during street driving, while the Brembo Sport offers increased performance on the street and track, as its optimum operating temperature is lower.

The performance gains that one will notice are shorter stopping distances, better brake feel, less brake fade as temperatures increase, and increased consistency. All of these things lead to more driver confidence which leads to faster lap times at the track.

Lucas Auto Care is proud to offer Brembo brakes, either in single components or entire systems, for your Audi. Brembo brake kits are readily available for your Audi A3, A8, A6, A5, A4, All-road, TT, S4, S6 and S8. Also, most installs can be performed on the same day the car is brought.

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Brembo Brakes for Audi | Lucas Auto Care

Brembo Brakes for Audi