Audi Tune Up

Does your Audi need a tune up?  For that matter, is there ever a need for an Audi tune up?  Your father’s old Chevy did, but that was in the days of distributor caps and rotors.  What about now?  The simple answer is – YES, although the times have changed.

Cars of today, and their parts, have come a long way and the parts normally last longer than they did.  There are a few ways to look at an Audi tune-up.  Things like spark plugs, spark plug wires, etc. that need to be inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are performing optimally.  At a certain mileage, depending on the Audi model you have, these should be changed as they will have gone past their designed life span.  An Audi focused shop such as Lucas Auto Care can provide this information and help you make these decisions.
One area of great importance is the timing belt.  A simple search on the internet will provide many examples of why the timing belt needs to be replaced, and what can happen if it is not replaced and fails.  The timing belt is extremely important to your engine as it helps keeps everything working in harmony.  There are hundreds of moving parts inside your engine and these must all work together to allow the engine to work correctly.  Its job is to coordinate the mechanical ballet that is the valve train system in the engine.  The intake and exhaust valves must work in perfect timing with the movement of the piston and if the timing belt fails it can cause the piston to come into contact with the valves.  The result is a very expensive repair.  This is normally recommended between 60k and 80k miles.
A more involved service, or Audi tune up, is highly recommended at 100k miles.  Unless these items have been replaced recently, spark plugs, spark plug wires, oxygen sensors, the fuel filter and possibly ignition coils should be replaced.  By this time, they are past their normal life expectancy and are not operating at peak efficiency.  Gas mileage, performance, emissions, reliability, and driving enjoyment are all suffering.  By replacing these items you are taking major step in getting the car back up to par and the car will thank you.
Audi Tune Up

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Audi Tune Up

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