Does your Audi need a tune-up? For that matter, is there ever a need for an Audi tune-up? Your father’s old Chevy did, but that was in the days of distributor caps and rotors. What about now? The simple answer is – YES, although the times have changed.

Today’s cars and their parts have come a long way, and the parts normally last longer than they did. There are a few ways to look at an Audi tune-up. Things like spark plugs, spark plug wires, etc., need to be inspected regularly to perform optimally. At a certain mileage, depending on the Audi model you have, these should be changed as they will have gone past their designed life span. An Audi-focused shop such as Lucas Auto Care can provide this information and help you make these decisions.

How much do you know about the timing belt and what it does? Did you know it is one of the most important belts in your vehicle, and if it was to break, the whole engine could stop working? The timing belt keeps everything working in synchrony. Due to the complexity and immense amount of moving parts in your engine, the timing belt has a lot of responsibility, and it helps keep everything running and allows the engine to work in sync with the drive train. If the timing was to be thrown off, i.e., the timing belt was not working as it should, then the chances of a piston colliding with an unopened or delayed opening of a valve are very high. This impact could cause severe damage to the engine and could cost you a new engine to fix. Replacing your timing belt is recommended between 60k and 80k miles.

A more involved service, or Audi tune-up, should be performed at or around the 100k mile mark. Unless replaced recently, ignition coils, the spark plugs and wires, oxygen sensors, and the fuel filter should be replaced with this service. By the 100k mile mark, these items are well overdue for a replacement. You may have noticed that your performance, gas mileage, and driveability may be suffering due to these items. Replacing these items is the first vital step to regaining the performance you know your Audi can produce.

Audi Tune-Up

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Audi Tune Up