You’re driving a quality vehicle, so when it’s time for your next Audi oil change you’ll want a professional, certified technician taking care of your car. That’s why you should come to Lucas Auto Care for your next oil change.

The Lucas Auto Care Difference

Driving through Houston, you’ll see shops on almost any corner that are running cheap, “quick” oil change specials. You can sit in a plastic chair in a dark, cramped waiting room, sipping stale coffee while mechanics quickly drain and fill the oil. Or you can come to Lucas Auto Care, where a professional technician, who is trained and certified to work on luxury European vehicles, takes care of your Audi oil change—while you enjoy an espresso and relax in our Italian leather chairs and look out the viewing window of our beautiful service bay or watch flat-screen televisions.

It’s About More Than Luxury

Your Audi is a finely crafted machine designed by a top European engineering team. While you may appreciate the luxury, you can’t deny the importance of the performance and quality built into your car’s systems. An Audi oil change is an important step in keeping your vehicle in prime running condition. At Lucas Auto Care, we use only top-quality parts and fluids that are designed specifically for your car and recommended by the manufacturer.

More Than an Oil Change

When Lucas Auto Care technicians perform an Audi oil change, they’re doing much more than changing the filter, and draining and filling the oil. While under the hood, our technicians will look over your engine for signs of excessive wear, and having your car on their lift gives them a chance to look under your car to check some of the systems that are seldom seen otherwise. While under your car, our technicians will also look for any potential trouble spots you can’t see by simply popping the hood, such as broken exhaust parts or torn CV boots.
If you’re looking for a certified professional to take care of your vehicle, come to Lucas Auto Care where we’ll pamper you and your car.

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring, Katy, Woodlands, Jersey Village and Magnolia TX.

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