Audi Cooling System

You can void your Audi Warranty if you fill your Audi cooling system with the incorrect coolant. Audi Coolant has been upgraded numerous times over the last few years, it’s very important to use the correct type.
Audi Coolant Reservoir (Round)
The Audi Reservoir pictured on the left contains a specially designed coolant tailored to protect and lubricate the particular alloys and moving parts used in the manufacturing of the engine, head, water pump and other components that keep your Audi cool in the summer time and warm in the winter.
You have to be very careful to use the proper coolant in your Audi. Audi has updated their coolant types numerous times over the years.

G11, G12, and G12+ coolants have been replaced by an improved version. G12++ coolant has been introduced in MY 2005 for all engines. G13 has been introduced in MY 2008 as factory filling only (not for service available – not needed).
Coolants can be mixed, as described in the chart, but it is always a best practice to change the coolant due to reduced corrosion protection when coolants are mixed. Exception: G12++ and G13 are fully compatible.
Coolants can be mixed, as described in Figure 2, when adding/topping off fluid levels. When the coolant is changed due to a cooling system issue, the cooling system should be flushed according to Audi filling and bleeding procedures.
Lucas Auto Care uses the correct and updated coolant that is compatible with your Audi’s engine and its components. Feel free to call us for any questions and help with your Audi’s coolant or any other systems.

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Audi Cooling System

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