Audi’s come from the factory with great brakes which add to the overall performance level of the cars. At Lucas Auto Care, we have some Audi clients that want an even higher level of performance. One of the most often chosen upgrades is more horsepower and that equates to more speed. With more speed comes the need for improved brakes and this is where StopTech lends a hand.

Founded in 1999, StopTech is a leading supplier of brake system upgrades with over 227 platform applications. These brakes can be applied to race cars and street performance cars and provide vastly improved braking characteristics including decreased stopping distances, better brake pedal feel, less brake fade, and better brake modulation. All of these things add up to better brake performance on the street and faster lap times at the track. StopTech and Lucas Auto Care’s highly trained technicians can do not only your Audi brake upgrade, but they can also provide your Audi with high-performance brake rotors, calipers, DOT compliant stainless steel brake lines, and complete brake upgrade systems. StopTech is heavily involved in Touring Car and Grand-Am racing and continues to improve upon their success.

Whether you are looking for increased brake performance for your Audi on the street or on the track, StopTech can provide the components or system you are looking for. Lucas Auto Care is here to assist you in making the right choice for your Audi brake upgrade. Please contact a Lucas Auto Care location for an estimate for your application. We look forward to helping you stop shorter and more safely.

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring, Katy, Woodlands, Jersey Village and Magnolia TX.

Audi Brake Upgrade | Lucas Auto Care

Audi Brake Upgrade