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Are Rolls-Royce Automobiles Still Handmade?

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Few automobiles, if any, can compete with Rolls-Royce. This brand is the ultimate in luxury. It may have taken some time for the company, which is now owned by BMW, to develop sportier models designed for a younger demographic, but even the youthful Rolls-Royce purchaser has to drop at least $300,00 to $500,000 or more to get their hands on a Rolls. Queen Elizabeth II rides in them, only the wealthiest in the world drives them, and they are still handmade, aren’t they? Yes, they are – for the most part.

Automated Paintwork

The only area of assembling a Rolls-Royce that is completely automated is the paint. The reason why Rolls automates the painting process is for consistency. No detail is spared in the manufacturing of these automobiles, and paint is no exception. Rolls-Royce realized early on that machine painting produces a better and more consistent paint job on their luxury automobiles, so they allow for automation in this process alone. This is to ensure the vehicle’s paint is 100-percent pure perfection.

Handmade Is Tradition for the Rest of the Automobile

Rolls-Royce still hires craftsmen and craftswomen who are experts in their fields to keep its handmade tradition alive. Handmade is one reason why their customers will only buy Rolls-Royce, and even though the company changed ownership hands several years back, it has not lost sight of this. What began as a necessity decades before robotic assembly lines have become a tradition. It isn’t that Rolls-Royce couldn’t go automated; it’s that it doesn’t want to. Handmade in the pride of this automobile manufacturer.

Everything is still assembled by hand, from the famous hood ornament to the radiator to the entire V12 engine. No detail is spared in the manufacturing and assembly of a Rolls-Royce, which is why these vehicles fetch such a high price tag. The interior cabin is also hand-assembled with the finest in leather and real wooden accents. Rolls-Royce doesn’t spare expense in anything, and neither does its customers. BMW might be the “ultimate driving machine,” but this is the ultimate luxury machine, and if you can afford it, it’s worth the investment to have a handmade automobile.

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Photo by Jae Park from Pexels via Canva Pro