Air Conditioning Blower Services In Houston

Air Conditioning Blower Service and Repair

The blower system in your air conditioning is fairly straight forward. To aid in the process of transferring heat via heated refrigerant, the blower pushes the refrigerant along on its journey to the compressor and the condenser, thus making the whole system more efficient. The blower also in turn sucks in all the excess warm air and allows it to flow over the condenser, aiding in the condenser’s job of removing the heat from the ambient air and efficiently cooling the vehicle. A failed blower on your air conditioning system can lead to an increased overall load on all the other components, meaning a reduced life for your air conditioning system. Because of this, Lucas Auto Care recommends that you bring your vehicle in for service at least once a year before the hot summer months to ensure that all components are working properly and will be able to keep you cool all year.