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Eight Common Mercedes-Benz Repairs

Lucas Auto Care is your local European automobile service shop and we encounter the same eight repairs on Mercedes-Benz models over and over. These common problems range from simple to complex, but we don’t let the complex issues deter us. No matter what goes wrong with your Benz, we can fix it. Here are eight things that could warrant a trip to our repair shop.


The Mercedes-Benz E, S, C, and ML-class models commonly rust behind the rear license plate. This can happen on any model, but we find this problem a lot in the classes listed above. Old Mercedes-Benz used to rust underneath the vehicles. Thankfully, the new rust problems are less expansive.


Mercedes-Benz engine mounts are filled with oil to prevent engine vibration from bothering you. The mount lasts for about 100,000 miles, after which it can fail. The failure will result in oil loss and you will suddenly have a very bumpy ride that could be the engine mount and not the suspension.

Speaking of Suspension…

A common problem with the Mercedes-Benz suspension system is worn ball joints, control arm bushings, and the sway bar link. These parts are found in your Benz’s suspension and steering. As with the engine mount, these parts usually fail after you’ve driven your Mercedes 100,000 miles or more.

Window Regulator

This issue happens most often on C-Class models. If you hit the power window button and nothing happens, your window regulator is likely broken. This also happens on the ML-Class Mercedes models and commonly on Audi, BMW, and Lexus automobiles, as well. Who knows why? 

AirMatic Bags

AirMatic bags are not your driver and passenger seat airbags. These bags replace the shocks and struts on newer Mercedes-Benz models. If you drive an S-Class W220, you have AirMatic bags. These bags can be found in other models, too, but failure is most common in the S-Class W220 air suspension.

Catalytic Converter

Mercedes-Benz models tend to experience catalytic converter failure earlier than other European automobiles. Some converters can fail as early as 60,000 miles, and it’s important to replace the failing converter as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk damaging your Mercedes engine.

Transmission Issues

We know you don’t want to read this one, but transmissions can go wonky on Mercedes-Benz’s frequently. The common problems lie in the five-speed automatic transmission. The transmission’s 13-pin connector and valve body are both prone to failure that equals transmission damage.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, while the check engine light can be a vehicle’s lifesaver it is also an arch enemy. The light can turn on for no reason at all, leaving the driver panicked. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are no exception. The check engine light can come on for any number of reasons including a loose gas cap.

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Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels via Canva Pro