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Seven Tips To Make Your Mercedes Travel Ready This Summer

Summer is an extra fun time for travel in the Cypress and Houston area. From day trips to Kemah to weekend beach getaways, there’s plenty to do. The best part is being able to relax and have fun with your loved ones! But sometimes family might be out of town, or even out of state. When you start preparing for a long-distance road trip, dedicate some time to car maintenance for your Mercedes. Lucas Auto Care encourages regular Mercedes maintenance on your vehicle, especially before long trips. Here are a few easy ways you can prepare your Mercedes for a road trip:

  1. Check Tire Pressure- This step is essential because you can get better gas mileage when you drive on properly aired tires! Not only will you be able to save some money in doing this, but you’ll decrease your risk of a dangerous blowout as well.
  2. Have Any Warning Lights Diagnosed- If you have some warning lights on your dashboard that you’ve been ignoring up until now, you’ll want to have them diagnosed before a long-distance trip. Lucas Auto Care has the equipment to diagnose your Mercedes.
  3. Look at Your Fluids- The fluids in your engine enable it to run correctly, so you don’t want to be without them! You’ll want to check your oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and windshield washing fluid.
  4. Replace Old Windshield Wipers- Putting up with inefficient windshield wipers gets old after a while. Replace old ones before a trip, so you don’t end up frustrated, or unable to see, in the rain.
  5. Notice Unusual Brake Noises- If your brakes have been making a whining or grinding noise recently, it’s probably time to take your car in for brake service. Lucas Auto Care performs a variety of brake services here in the Cypress, TX, area.
  6. Check Your Lights- If your headlights aren’t working, visibility while driving at night can be an issue. If your brake lights or turn lights are burnt out, you pose a danger to both yourself and other drivers. Have a spotter assist you in checking your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn lights.

Your safety is our priority at Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX. We want you to have fun, safe travels this summer! If you need a battery replacement, oil change, brake service, or diagnostic check, we’ve got you covered!