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Six Signs Your European Vehicle Is Having Suspension Problems

Because of the tight roads and fast highways, European automobiles are designed to handle better than Asian and domestic vehicles. Still, your European machine can have suspension problems. Lucas Auto Care specializes in European automobile maintenance and repair, and we’d be happy to look at your vehicle’s suspension if you experience any of the following six signs.


Your suspension should only point to the right or the left if you steer it that way. If it pulls in either direction, you have an alignment issue or other suspension problem. Pulling can also be caused by brake, shock and strut, or tire trouble. Let us take a look to determine the cause.


Your shocks and struts are engineered and manufactured to prevent you from feeling the road bumps. If they are worn, you will notice you have a bumpier ride than normal. Test the shocks and struts by pushing up and down on your hood and trunk. If your car bounces, they’re worn.


If your vehicle rests lower on any corner, your suspension spring on that corner is broken or damaged. Another sign you have a problem with one or more of your suspension springs is a clunking sound when you drive over speed bumps or other bumps. You may also hear the noise driving over a pothole.


If you’ve ever slammed on your brakes, you’ve felt your automobile lurch back and forth. This should only happen with sudden stops. If your vehicle lurches forward, backward, or sideways when you are driving and stopping, your shocks and struts are worn and cannot handle the vehicle weight anymore.


Your steering wheel is part of your vehicle’s suspension and it can experience its own set of problems. It might feel too tight or too loose; it could also refuse to turn if something is broken. Hopefully, the problem is something simple, such as low power steering fluid, but the column and bushings can break.


Your shock absorbers use fluid to help them handle road shock. Over time, the absorbers can wear down and leak. You can check to see if your vehicle’s shock absorbers are leaking by getting down on the ground and inspecting them. If they look oily or greasy, they’re probably leaking fluid.

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