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Five Signs You Need a Brake Inspection

We’ve written about brake inspections in the past but it bears repeating: If you notice anything strange about your brakes, have them checked right away to avoid on-road danger. Can you imagine being unable to stop your car? We here at Lucas Auto Care shudder at the thought as much as you do. The following five signs let you know your brake system needs attention. 

Brake Part Sounds

Do your brakes make noise when you step on the brake pedal? If so, there is something going on with your brake pads or shoes. Common noises these parts make including grinding, rubbing, screeching, and squealing. In some cases, the noise may be barely detectable; in other cases, the sound may pierce your eardrums and the drivers’ eardrums around you. Either way, have the noise checked out.

Brake Part Movement

Well, it actually isn’t your brake parts that are moving but worn calipers, drums, or rotors can make your brake pedal or steering wheel vibrate when you slow down and stop your car, truck, or SUV. The key to avoiding expensive brake repairs is to have the pulsation inspected right away. Usually, once you get to the pulsating part, the calipers, drums, or rotors are already warped and need replacing.

Brake Pedal Signs

Your brake pedal should stop about 1 1/2 inches from your vehicle floor if you have power brakes and 3 inches if you have manual brakes. If you’ve noticed that you really have to press down on your brake pedal to get your vehicle to stop, or if you feel your brake pedal sink or feel soft, you’ve got trouble in your brake lines or master cylinder. Get a brake inspection before you face a frightening scenario.

Brake Burning Smell

If you just got new brake pads and shoes they will smell for a day or two. After that, you should never smell your brakes. Your brakes will emit a burning-chemical smell if they are overheating, and this is your sign to pull over immediately and call for a tow truck. Overheated brakes will fail, so don’t take chances if you notice a burning smell or smoke coming from your brakes when you stop your vehicle.

One final sign is your Brake dashboard warning light. It will light up and stay lit when your parking brake is engaged. If it comes on any other time, call Lucas Auto Care. We’re located in Cypress, TX, and we’d be happy to offer a brake inspection.