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Five Signs You Have Exhaust System Problems

Your European vehicle’s exhaust system is in charge of taking the exhaust naturally created by the combustion engine, treating it so it’s better for the environment, and then releasing it into the environment. This system is crucial to your vehicle’s performance and safety. There are five signs that the exhaust system isn’t working efficiently. Lucas Auto Care shares what they are below.

Acceleration Noises

The sound of your engine shouldn’t go off the charts when you accelerate. Yes, you’ll hear the engine rev as it picks up speed, but there shouldn’t be any loud or rattling noises. If there are, your vehicle’s exhaust system is likely trying to tell you something. Generally, this means you’ve got a problem with the muffler or the exhaust pipes. Have it checked out right away to avoid engine damage.

Dashboard Light Warning

Your dashboard is equipped with several warning lights that turn on if there is a problem. In the case of the exhaust system, the “Check Engine” light will come on. When it comes on, it could mean you have catalytic converter problems, your oxygen sensor is malfunctioning, or your mass airflow sensor is failing. Never ignore a check engine light warning as this is a catch-all warning for engine trouble.

Vehicle Vibration

If your vehicle vibrates while you drive, you may have an exhaust system issue, or the problem might be caused by clogged engine filters or the spark plugs and wires. In the case of the exhaust system, your vehicle may vibrate because the exhaust mixture is incorrect or you have a vacuum leak somewhere. These two things can cause power loss that results in the vehicle vibrating as it loses and regains power.

Gasoline Smells

Exhaust fumes should never waft to the inside of your automobile. If you smell gasoline in the cabin, pull over and call for a tow right away. This is a dangerous sign your exhaust system is leaking, and inhaling gasoline odors can result in carbon monoxide illness and even death. You shouldn’t smell gasoline while you drive or rotten eggs. If you smell rotten eggs, your catalytic converter is having trouble.

Gas Mileage

Finally, if you notice that your car, truck, or SUV isn’t getting the gas mileage it normally gets, something is wrong. Decreases in gas mileage signal trouble in the exhaust system, the fuel system, or even the ignition system. Keep track of your gas mileage to see how many miles you get out of each full tank. If the miles decrease over time, bring your vehicle in for an inspection. We’ll find the problem and fix it.

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