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Four Common Signs of Emission Control System Failure

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Your European automobile is a fine piece of machinery. If you’ve ever visited our Cypress, TX, auto shop, you know that Lucas Auto Care has a passion for all European automobiles. No vehicle is perfect, however, and you may face emissions problems at some point. Usually, these problems are caused by an issue within the emission control system (ECS). Here are four signs of ECS failure.

Check Engine Light

The ECS does not have a dashboard warning light of its own, so your vehicle’s computer turns on the check engine light when something is wrong with the emissions. In rare cases, the check engine light might turn on for no reason at all; it’s just an electrical fluke. The light covers a lot of problems, though. So, it’s a good idea to bring your vehicle in for a diagnostic check to find out why it came on.

Increased Gas Consumption

Your vehicle’s emissions system affects your fuel economy, and if your car, truck, or crossover has suddenly become a gas guzzler, you might have an issue with the ECS. The ECS limits gas vapor loss, i.e., it seals the gasoline in the tank and engine, so it doesn’t evaporate. If there isn’t a proper vacuum seal, the gas in your tank will evaporate. Some ECS problems can also make your engine burn more fuel.

Loss of Engine Performance

You know how your European automobile’s engine performs, and any performance loss is a sign of trouble. Unfortunately, a loss of engine performance doesn’t point to the emission control system alone. Nearly all of your vehicle’s systems affect engine performance, including the combustion, fuel, and ignition systems. Even transmission problems can affect your engine’s performance, so have the problem checked ASAP.

You Smell Gasoline

You should not be able to smell gasoline on the inside or outside of your vehicle. This is a dangerous sign of emission control system or other system failures. Vehicle emissions are treated to ensure carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases are converted to safer gases before being released into the environment. If you smell gasoline inside the cabin of your car or outside of it, you’ve got an emissions problem.

Contact Lucas Auto Care to discuss your concerns over your European automobile’s emissions system. We’ll schedule an appointment for you at our Cypress, TX, shop and inspect the system thoroughly to find any problems so we can fix them. We also do preventative maintenance on nearly all European makes and models.

Photo by TeroVesalainen--809550 from Pixabay via Canva Pro