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Four Common BMW Problems That We Repair All the Time

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Lucas Auto Care specializes in European automotive service, especially BMW and Mercedes-Benz. We’ve repaired many BMWs, and we do see four common problems frequently creep up in our customer’s automobiles. Some of these problems show up in many different BMW models; others are found more often in specific models. Here’s what they are so that you can keep a watchful eye on your BMW.

Cooling System Problems

Many BMWs overheat, and this can be really frustrating, especially during our hot Texas summers. There are a couple of common things in the BMW cooling system that can go wrong. We fix a lot of coolant leaks and replace numerous water pumps. If your BMW is overheating, bring it in for a cooling system inspection. We’ll find the reason why your car or crossover runs too hot.

Leaking Oil

Some BMW models are known for leaky valve cover gaskets. Many models have fuel pumps that also fail prematurely or right when it’s time to die. Both of these things can make your BMW’s engine leak oil. To help you identify the automotive fluid leak, motor oil light brown when it’s new and dark brown or black when it’s old. If you see brown spots on your garage floor, bring your Beemer in for a checkup.

Steering Wheel Problems

If you drive a BMW 3 Series model, you might find yourself with a vibrating steering wheel at about 75,000 miles. This is because the thrush arm bushings have failed, and, you guessed it, this is a common problem with this BMW Series. You’ll notice the vibration when you brake, but also know that the vibration could be caused by the brake system, too, especially the pads, calipers, or rotors.

Tail Lamp Warnings

Finally, some BMW models end up with faulty tail lamps, and their drivers end up with warnings on their dashboards. The warning will read either “Check Rear Lamp” or “Check Brake Lamp,” It will come if there is an issue with the bulbs, the bulb connections, or the tail lamp circuit board. These parts are known to get corroded, and once they are, you’ll receive the dashboard warning message.

If you suspect your BMW has a problem, or if it’s just time for preventative maintenance, bring it into Lucas Auto Care in Cypress, TX. You can call us to schedule an appointment by contacting us directly. We work exclusively on European automobiles, and we specialize in BMWs. 

Photo by Jonathan Petersson from Pexels via Canva Pro