Highest Rated Auto Care Facility in the Houston Metroplex

Since 1988, drivers wanting the best automobile repair have been trusting Lucas Auto Care, the highest rated auto care facility in the Houston metroplex, for all their service and repair needs. Therefore once you use Lucas Auto Care for servicing your car, we are confident

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Lucas Auto Care – Your BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche Experts

Lucas Auto Care is your number one dealer alternative for the service and repair of European and luxury cars. Lucas Auto Care specializes in the service and repair of BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and other European automobiles. Please top in today to see the Lucas

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Performing a Brake Job. Come To Lucas Auto Care For Free Brake Inspection

Your Lucas Auto Care team would like to remind you that it is very important to have your brakes regularly checked for proper wear and service. Please stop by Lucas Auto Care for your free brake inspection. Happy Holiday from your friends at Lucas Auto

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Go Houston Texans – Lucas Auto Care Loves Your Winning Ways!

We are really proud of our own Houston Texans. They have won 8 consecutive games and the way they are playing, it doesn’t look like they are destined to lose any time soon. Winners share common traits. For instance, our winning technicians are ASE certified

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Cure for Common Car Problems

During the holiday season is no time to be broke down on the side of the road and/or putting up with a car that is not running right. Lucas Auto Care employs the best of the best ASE certified Bosch level, two technicians. Lucas Auto

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Best Porsche Repair shop in Houston – Father Knows Best

Porsche repair – father knows best.  Lucas Auto Care is a fantastic dealer alternative for European and luxury auto service and repair. Lucas Auto Care uses the highest quality replacement parts, and we only employ the best of the best Bosch L2 Master Trained, ASE

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Don’t Get Stuck In The Rain – ASE Certified Technicians

Save yourself some headaches. Don’t get stuck with a broke down car in the rain leaving your loved ones waiting on you. Bring your car to Lucas Auto Care. We employ the best of the Bosch Master Trained, ASE Certified mechanics. Lucas Auto Care will

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Lucas Auto Care Car Towing Transport With a Personal Touch

When trouble comes, relax; Lucas Auto Care has all your transportation needs covered.

Auto Repairs When You Need Them

Auto repairs when you need them. ¬†Whatever mishaps you may run into out there on the road, you can always be assured that your friends at Lucas Auto Care will always be here for you. Lucas Auto Care….number one in Texas for European auto service.