Audi vehicles are known for their top-notch safety systems. They contain well-designed seat belts and many airbags. Specialized sensors help the cars determine when and how to deploy airbags for the driver and passengers. This makes it possible for Audis to earn particularly high ratings in crash tests. However, these features will only protect you if they’re properly maintained. When your car’s Supplemental Restraint System light turns on, don’t ignore it. The Audi SRS light indicates that there could be problems with the seat belts and airbags. To prevent serious injuries in a collision, it’s crucial to have a professional check the vehicle and determine if any repairs are necessary. The SRS indicator may light up if certain sensors stop functioning correctly. These sensors determine when safety belts are being used, and they might affect the deployment of air bags. Lucas Auto Care technicians know how to identify seat belt sensor failures and correct this problem. Although it may seem like a minor issue, it could increase the severity of crash-related injuries. Like safety belts, air bags remain vital to safety in traffic accidents. The SRS light often warns drivers about dangerous problems with this equipment. Our mechanics can check your vehicle’s air bags and verify that they’re ready to deploy in a collision. If they were used in the past, we would replace them. After fixing a problem with the airbags or seat belt sensors, our technicians will reset your SRS indicator so that it turns off. We have the training needed to fix a broad range of models. Lucas Auto Care repairs the Audi Q7, Q5, R8, A8, A6, A5, A4, A3 and TT. We also service any S-series vehicle. You can trust our skilled repair personnel to ensure your safety by correctly fixing problems with supplemental restraint systems. We have maintained high-end European cars for over five decades. The highly trained staff possesses well-known certifications and uses sophisticated tools. Our diagnostic equipment can accurately detect many different problems in a short period of time. Unlike other repair shops in Houston, Lucas Auto Carefully guarantees our work. If your car has traveled less than 100,000 miles and remains under 11 years old, you can request a refund during the next 1.5 years after a repair is performed. To learn more about our top-notch Audi SRS light repair services in Houston, please call 281-379-5800 today.

Audi SRS Light