Did you know that you may need Audi headlight service even if they aren’t completely out? If you’ve been driving at night lately and have found it difficult to see – the roads aren’t quite as well illuminated as they used to be – it could be due to a dimming bulb. Dim bulbs are notoriously dangerous, as their failing performance can “creep up” on you over time, reducing your visibility and thus your safety on the road. While it’s true that Audis are extreme performance vehicles, you still have to be able to see while driving one! Lucas Auto Care has a team of factory trained Audi specialists at your disposal for all kinds of Audi care, including regular maintenance and inspection visits, repairs, and upgrades. Our trained team wants to make sure that you have the safest driving experience possible, and that’s why we offer complete headlight service at our conveniently located Houston auto shop. If your turn signals aren’t working – or even if they’re improperly illuminated or obscured for some reason – this isn’t just potentially dangerous, it could result in a traffic fine if you don’t get them repaired immediately. Even “fix it” tickets can be expensive and time-consuming, so if you’ve noticed any dimming or, even worse, if a turn signal has gone out in your Audi, bring it into the specialists at Lucas Auto Care to have it replaced with a factory-recommended bulb. These kinds of bulbs have long lifespans. The sooner you have one installed, the better. Don’t forget to check your Audi’s back-up lights. Often these kinds of bulbs can go out without the driver’s knowledge, at least until trying to reverse at night. Don’t find yourself in an inconvenient and potentially dangerous situation. Instead, visit Lucas Auto Care so that one of the experts here can perform Audi headlight service on your vehicle. When you come into Lucas Auto Care in Houston, you can opt to have a full inspection of your Audi done. This kind of regular maintenance check up will not only ensure that your vehicle is going to be running properly for a long time to come, but that all of your bulbs are in good working order. At Lucas Auto Care we can service nearly any kind of Audi – including headlight bulb replacements – ranging from an A3 to an R8.

Audi headlight service