If you have seen lights lately, we can help you and your beloved car. We will be happy to perform Audi electrical diagnostics on your car.

What Do these Lights Mean

No matter the model, your Audi has dashboard lights that can help you know when someone needs to take a look under its hood. Each light indicates something unique. One exists to tell you when it’s time for an oil change. Another warns of dangerously low tire pressure.

As Sophisticated as Their Drivers

When your dashboard shows you strange lights, your Audi is trying to communicate important, sophisticated information, and late-model Audis are highly evolved cars that, in a sense, have a lot to say. Whenever it requires service, you should bring your Audi to people who speak its language.

Auto Shops Vary

You own your Audi because of the singular driving experience it offers, and you need a shop where people take the time to understand you and your car. Lucas Auto Care is such a shop. We have the diagnostic equipment to read all troubles quickly that any model of Audi might experience.

Come to a Place that Truly Understands Audis and the People Who Drive Them

Whether you drive an A3, a TT, one of the Q models or another Audi, our highly trained and certified technicians can easily understand the reason that your car is displaying its warning lights. They can also help you easily understand the situation usingĀ Audi electrical diagnostics, and they can get your car back on the road and your life back in the fast lane.

We Are Near You

If you live in Greater Houston, you can conveniently find us on Grand Road. You can wait in our cushy customer area, or we will happily drop you at your home or office in our courtesy van.

You will be very glad you brought your Audi to Lucas Auto Care.

Audi Electrical Diagnostics