Audi vehicles come with exceptional brakes that add value to the overall performance of this high-end vehicle. At Lucas Auto Care we are focused on providing clients with a high level of performance on their Audi vehicles. One of the main features that our clients gravitate toward are vehicles with high horsepower. More horsepower means a faster vehicle that will need top quality brakes. StopTech provides customers with high-quality brakes. StopTech was established in 1999 and is now one of the leading brake suppliers. The company provides upgrades for nearly 230 platform applications. StopTech brakes can be applied to a variety of vehicles, including street performance cars and race cars. StopTech brakes are characterized by their decreased stopping distance and superior brake modulation. These features, along with less brake fade, has helped StopTech brakes to provide a better driving performance on many platforms, including street racing and racetrack driving. StopTech and Lucas Auto Care is comprised of technicians who are experienced in Audi brake upgrade. These technicians also have experience working with performance brake rotors, Department of Transportation compliance stainless steel brake lines, calipers, and brake upgrade systems. The team at Lucas Auto Care is involved in both Grand-Am racing and Touring Car racing. Lucas Auto Care offers a variety of high-quality services to fit the needs of its customers, whether customers are looking to enhance their Audi’s track or street performance. If you choose Lucas Auto Care in Houston, Texas, you will not disappointed. If you are interested in upgrading the brakes on your Audi vehicle¬†and live in the Houston, Texas, area, please consider contacting Lucas Auto Care for an estimate on your Audi vehicle. The team at Lucas Auto Care looks forward to working with you to determine which one of our services might be the right fit for you and your Audi brake upgrade.

Audi brake upgrade