saabSaab, an acronym for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, originally was a division of Swedish Airplane Limited, which was created in 1937. The company was created solely to build aircraft for the Swedish Air Force to protect the neutrality of Sweden as WWII drew closer. After the war, looking to profit in other markets, Saab turned their sights on the automotive industry. In 1949, they released the Saab 92 which had many hints towards the company’s aviation based past. With a drag coefficient of .30, it was the lowest of any production car to date. In 1969, Saab merged with Scania Vabis, a Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer. General Motors acquired Saab in 1989, and the company changed hands a few times thereafter. Today, in financial trouble, it is unknown whether or not Saab will be able to weather the current economic downturn.

Since their creation, Saab has gathered a cult-like following among its buyers. Known for their quirky sense of style, the brand is very popular with individualists. Other than Lucas Auto Care, few facilities in the Houston area are equipped to handle Saab maintenance and repair. We specialize in Saab repair and employ technicians who are ASE and Bosch certified. Call Lucas Auto Care today to book an appointment and to keep your Saab running strong for years to come.

Saab Transmission Service:

  • Removes gum and varnish in the transmission, torque converter filter, cooler and cooler lines
  • Flush old fluid from system and install new fluid
  • Reduces hard shifting, chattering and slipping
  • Provides cooler operation
  • Extends life of transmission

Saab Oil Service:

  • Oil with up to ten quarts of full synthetic motor oil
  • Oil filter
  • Inspect Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
  • Inspect Engine air filtration system
  • Inspect Serpentine belts
  • Inspect Brake fluid level (in transparent reservoirs)
  • Inspect Wiper blades
  • Inspect Exterior lights

Saab 3 Stage Fuel Injection Service:

  • Reduces Fuel costs
  • Smoother idle and restored power performance
  • Cleans air intake, plenum, injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers
  • Reduces the chance of costly EGR failure and replacement
  • Reduction of engine hesitation and rough idle