MaseratiMaserati was founded by five brothers of the same family name, Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore and Ernesto in 1926. As with most automotive companies of the day, the marque was spawned from a deep family racing heritage. Maserati’s logo is said to have been designed by yet another Maserati brother, Mario, which most believe was influenced by the Fontana del Nettuno in Bologna, Italy. Ownership of Maserati changed hands frequently in the mid 1900’s, from Citroen in 1968, to De Tomaso in 1975, to Fiat in 1993 and finally to rival and sister under Fiat Auto Group, Ferrari in 1999. Ferrari established Maserati as its luxury brand, and is credited for keeping the storied marque alive. Today, Maserati continues to produce gorgeous models like the Quattroporte and the Gran Turismo, carrying on the legacy that five brothers started long ago.

Like nearly every Italian automaker, Maserati evokes images of passion and performance. Sharing parts from Ferrari, it is no wonder that these cars not only look great, but are also exhibit great performance. These cars are not to be trusted to just any mechanic. You want your Maserati to be serviced by only the finest automotive technicians to ensure that all work is done correctly. Trust the professionals at Lucas Auto Care to service your Maserati and keep it running at its best. Call to make an appointment today and see why there is no other alternative to Lucas Auto Care for Maserati service in the Houston area.

Maserati Transmission Service:

  • Removes gum and varnish in the transmission, torque converter filter, cooler and cooler lines
  • Flush old fluid from system and install new fluid
  • Reduces hard shifting, chattering and slipping
  • Provides cooler operation
  • Extends life of transmission

Maserati Oil Service:

  • Oil with up to ten quarts of full synthetic motor oil
  • Oil filter
  • Inspect Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
  • Inspect Engine air filtration system
  • Inspect Serpentine belts
  • Inspect Brake fluid level (in transparent reservoirs)
  • Inspect Wiper blades
  • Inspect Exterior lights

Maserati 3 Stage Fuel Injection Service:

  • Reduces Fuel costs
  • Smoother idle and restored power performance
  • Cleans air intake, plenum, injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers
  • Reduces the chance of costly EGR failure and replacement
  • Reduction of engine hesitation and rough idle