Land Rover

websitelayout_06Lucas Auto Care is the best independent Rover specialist in Houston. Our team of Land Rover factory-trained technicians are accustomed to dealing with everything from a blown fuse to a complete engine rebuild, all done at the dealer level. We are equipped with the latest Land Rover computer diagnostic systems (BOTH TestBook T4 and Autologic!!).

Among other things, Lucas Auto Care is intimately familiar with the electronic air suspension system used on late model Range Rovers, and can offer fast and expert repairs. We also offer complete coil spring conversions for owners who are tired of repairing the air suspension system and are also fully equipped with state-of-the-art automotive air conditioning diagnostic equipment and can offer full servicing of your climate control system.

Range Rover Transmission Service:

  • Removes gum and varnish in the transmission, torque converter filter, cooler and cooler lines
  • Flush old fluid from system and install new fluid
  • Reduces hard shifting, chattering and slipping
  • Provides cooler operation
  • Extends life of transmission

Range Rover Oil Service:

  • Oil with up to ten quarts of full synthetic motor oil
  • Oil filter
  • Inspect Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
  • Inspect Engine air filtration system
  • Inspect Serpentine belts
  • Inspect Brake fluid level (in transparent reservoirs)
  • Inspect Wiper blades
  • Inspect Exterior lights

Range Rover 3 Stage Fuel Injection Service:

  • Reduces Fuel costs
  • Smoother idle and restored power performance
  • Cleans air intake, plenum, injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers
  • Reduces the chance of costly EGR failure and replacement
  • Reduction of engine hesitation and rough idle