Your brakes for Audi are equipped to help your car run at its optimum performance. These factory produced brakes have excellent stopping power. However, if you are in the market for brakes with even more stoping power that what you currently have, there are many options available for your Audi. One great option is Brembo brakes, which have been around for over fifty years. These brakes are known internationally as one of the best performance brakes in the automobile industry. Brembo brakes for Audi offers several reliable solutions that will improve your Audi’s braking power and the take the car’s level of performance to the next stage. Some Audi vehicles come from the factory already equipped with Brembo brakes. At Lucas Auto Care, our technicians use only OEM parts to repair Audi vehicles. This repair work includes initially installing or re-installing Brembo brakes. Brembo offers many options that will help you get the most performance out of your Audi. Brembo offers Brembo Sport brakes. These brakes are usually installed on vehicles built specifically for track or street use. Brembo also manufacturers Brembo Gran, which is built specifically for track use. One difference between Brembo Gran and Brembo Sport is that one is designed to have optimal results on both street and track, while the other brake is not. Because of this, Brembo Sport’s operating temperature is lower that Brembo Turismo. Additional performance differences include stopping distances, feel of brakes, consistency, and optimum operating temperature. These factors influence driver confidence and help improve lap times. Lucas Auto Care offers many Brembo brakes to meet whatever performance needs you are looking for to enhance your Audi automobile. Lucas Auto Care offers single components and whole brake systems. Lucas Auto also offers brake kits for Audi A8, 100-series, A4, A6, S4, S6, and TT. Lucas Auto offers quick and efficient brake services. If you have any question about brakes or are interesting in having Brembo brakes for Audi, please visit Lucas Auto for more information.

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