Houston BMW Tire Service and Alignment

Noticing some wear and tear on your BMW’s tires? Tired of trying to find the right tire for your BMW? Are you looking to upgrade your tires? Whatever the reason, we have the equipment for all of your tire needs.

  • Tire replacement
  • Tire rotations
  • Tire balancing
  • Alignment – 4-Wheel

Your BMW will drive its best and give you the best miles per gallon if your tires are inflated to their proper tire pressure or PSI (pounds per square inch). Not sure what your PSI should be? The cold pressures are usually displayed on the driver’s side door “B” pillar, or, just bring your BMW into Lucas Auto Care for us check them for you. We’ll be sure that you’re driving on BMW’s recommended pressures.

We can also help keep your tires wearing evenly. If you are noticing that you have uneven tire wear (hint: checking tire wear is a good habit!) an alignment could prevent it with your next set of tires. A good way to remember to do it is to have it done once a year in the springtime or we can send you an automated reminder to have your tires and alignment checked every year. Let us worry about the little stuff, you’ve got a busy schedule.

Our tire equipment has been specifically chosen to eliminate any chance of scraping your BMW’s wheels during the mounting process. Not only that, we have computer-assisted, Hunter Road-Force tire balancing that will ensure your tires are properly set up to eliminate any chance of excessive wear or a steering wheel that wobbles at any highway speeds.

Our team technicians are passionate about what they do and passionate about cars ensuring we do it right.

Our North Houston location is convenient if you are near Cypress, or located in Tomball, Spring, Katy, Woodlands, Jersey Village and Magnolia TX

Houston BMW Tire Service and Alignment | Lucas Auto Care

Houston BMW Tire Service and Alignment