Houston BMW Oil Change FAQ

What oil do you use?
Our most common oils are Liqui Moly, Mobil 1, Castrol, Motul. But we can get most any brand of oil you would prefer, just ask!

What BMW filter do you use?
We use BMW, Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) parts. So if Mahle made the filter for BMW, we purchase it directly from Mahle.

What other services do I get with my BMW oil change?
Complete vehicle inspection is part of every oil change we perform, this way you have peace of mind knowing your car has been inspected top and bottom. We also include a hand car wash.

How much oil do you use and how do you know that it is right?
We follow BMW’s guidelines for your engine, filling it up to specification and check all fluids after service. One of the benefits of years of experience, we know exactly how much oil your car needs!

How many miles should I go between changes?
We suggest 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first, due to the harsh driving environment in Houston. All of that construction, heat and humidity cause the life expectancy of the fluids in your car to be shorter.

How do I know my BMW needs its oil changed?
Your BMW has a numerical count down that will be displayed at start up or you may scroll through your display screen to check the status. If inbetween BMW’s counting, you can always check the sticker in the top left of the windshield for the date or mileage the next service is due. Even easier, we send service reminders via email and/or text to take the burden off you remembering!

How long does it actually take to get my BMW oil changed?
The oil service, inspection and hand wash will last around an hour. If you would like to wait, we have snacks, drinks and wifi to compliment your stay.

Who is going to actually be changing my BMW’s oil?
It could be James, Richard or John any one of our Master Certified Technicians.

Do you test drive my car after an oil change?
We test drive all BMWs, and any other car, after service to ensure all systems are working and fluids are at the correct level.

Why should I get my oil changed at Lucas Auto Care over the quick lube shops?
We have decades of experience working with your car. Because we do an inspection of the entire BMW, we can catch minor problems before they become major problems. A quick lube doesn’t have the knowledge to transfer that sense of safety into your hands.

Do you reset my BMW oil change light?
We do! We use a special BMW tool to do it which is included in the oil service.

What special equipment is needed for my BMW oil change?
We use the BMW tool to reset your service light, metric tools to remove and drain the oil along with disposal of the fluids and filter. Not to mention the brains in our technicians, they probably wouldn’t want to be called tools… but they are our most valuable asset!

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Houston BMW Oil Change FAQ | Lucas Auto Care

Houston BMW Oil Change FAQ