Time for a tune-up?

You treat your Audi with love when you bring it to us for a full-service Audi tune up. We truly believe in giving your car the works so that you can drive it away from our service knowing that you’ve done the very best you could for a car that continues to do so much for you. A tune-up is one of the best ways to maintain your Audi and ensure that it will provide perfect service for you for years to come. Our service takes care of this for you in a jiffy.

Understanding the Audi Tune-up

When you bring your Audi into us, we thoroughly inspect it to see what condition your car is in. You can expect to learn a lot about your car during this time because we don’t take shortcuts with our tune-ups. We want our customers to know their car as well as we do. We thoroughly tune-up your spark plugs, wires, and all other tune-up parts to ensure that your car is running smoothly again. A tune-up is often needed every time your car reaches another milestone on its mileage. We’ll be able to tell where your car is at in its lifespan so that it gets the most thorough tune-up possible. For example, the timing belt is a critical part of your Audi but there are many people out there who don’t even know what it is. Thankfully, our team does know what that is and how important it is to keeping your car running like new. Whether we’re working on intake and exhaust valves, timing belts, or spark plugs, we know exactly how to maintain your car so that it works beautifully. PLH can do this.

Come in today

Every 60,000 or 80,000 miles of work your car does puts it in a position to need a good tune-up. At 100,000 miles, you should definitely have given us a visit so that we can perform your maintenance Audi tune up. Come down to our Cypress¬†location and let us work your car over to ensure its top performance. We’ll take care of everything, from your oxygen sensors, to the fuel filter, to ignition coils, we know exactly what to do to make sure that you’re driving in an Audi that’s going to have a long lifespan for you and the ones you love. Your Audi will thank you with years of service.

Audi Tune Up