You know exactly how important it is to wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes – it means you can get around better. Wouldn’t you want to treat your Audi in the same way? Similar to your feet, your Audi can cruise down the road in Houston much better if it has the right “shoes” on – yes, we’re talking about Audi tires. Audi vehicles are known for high performance, and therefore you’ll get the most out of yours with the right kinds of tires – you can’t expect the same degree of performance if you use tires meant for general consumption. Audi tires must be selected with your vehicle make and model in mind. If you’re looking for ideal performance, we can help you at Lucas Auto Care. If you’re uncertain about what kind of tire you need for your particular make and model of Audi, our technicians are well-educated in which tires will serve you the best and maximize your vehicles performance. Stop by or give us a call for assistance – we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your Audi. Our BMW factory trained technicians are fully capable of suggesting the right kind of tire for your particular vehicle and usage scenario. We have the equipment the other shops don’t to mount your Audi tires properly – and if you don’t need new tires yet, we can rotate your existing ones. We have the latest in tire maintenance and installation technology at Lucas Auto Care, so you’ll never have to worry about your new tires being scraped or damaged during the process. Furthermore, we use computers for tire balancing, which is the most accurate way to ensure your tires are balanced correctly. If you have our technicians at Lucas Auto Care do this for you, you won’t experience any unnecessary wear on your tires. Furthermore, your overall steering and handling performance will be increased, as you won’t experience the typical “wobble” effect common with improperly balanced tires. If you’re an Audi owner, you know what an excellent vehicle the company makes – give your vehicle the care it deserves and provides it with the right kind of “shoes.” Lucas Auto Care has a wide assortment of only high-quality tires which are specifically for Audi and other performance vehicles, so please stop by our conveniently located Houston auto shop for a complete tire evaluation today.

Audi Tires