An Audi is a head-turner, and since it performs as well as it attracts attention, you want to keep it as finely tuned as the factory designed. Audi has developed a list of scheduled maintenance tasks that you are to perform to keep it factory-tuned and well maintained, and by staying with that program, you stand the best chance of getting the maximum performance and longevity from your vehicle. The good news is that you do not have to maintain your Audi yourself. When it comes to Audi service Houston, Lucas Auto Care of Houston, TX has one of the best facilities around. At Lucas Auto Care of Houston, you have access to factory-trained and certified professional technicians who are as passionate about keeping your vehicle in top running condition as you are. They will meticulously ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly checked for any problems whenever you bring your vehicle in for service. We can provide you with a check of your oil and oil filter, and when we change the oil on your Audi, we will do a visual inspection to ensure that you do not have any other problems like leaks or cracks in your engine. When we check your brakes, we check the brakes, wheels, and hubs for wear. At other service intervals, we make sure that your air filter is clean and advise replacement if necessary. We take the time to check out your shift linkage, steering, and suspension. We will look at your fluids to make sure that you have enough wiper fluid or coolant. We check for radiator leaks or worn hoses. We ensure that you have the right tension in your belts and even check your tires for uneven wear. There is not a part on your Audi that we miss. If we discover that you have any problems, we advise you of repair options or maintenance plans. At Lucas Auto Care of Houston, we treat your Audi as if it was one of our own and make sure that it is top performance condition.

Audi Service Houston