As a driver of a high-performance Audi, you know the many benefits these ultimate driving machines can offer you – whether you’re taking them on the track or just for a spin around town. If you’ve been putting off your scheduled maintenance for your Audi or are in need of Audi repair service, now is the time to stop by Lucas Auto Care’s convenient location right in Houston and get your vehicle taken care of. When you go to some of the other auto shops in the city, it’s easy to understand why you might have put off your regular Audi maintenance. It’s not uncommon to experience long wait times at a shop staffed by dishonest or impolite workers – it’s a real headache, but you and your car are going to pay the price for putting it off. With Lucas Auto Care, there’s no reason to wait, because our team of factory trained Audi specialists are not only the most knowledgeable team of mechanics and service professionals in Houston, we’re the most polite and experienced. At Lucas Auto Care, we understand that you have a busy schedule, which is why we do everything in our power to make you feel like a complete VIP from the moment you make an appointment to the moment you drive your Audi out of our parking lot. In the event that your Audi maintenance appointment is going to take a little longer than expected, we can offer you a complimentary ride to your next destination – whether that’s back home or to the office. If you decide to utilize our comfortable and clean waiting room while our team of trained professionals give your Audi the attention and care it deserves, we’ll welcome you to enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee. Our waiting room is spacious and air conditioned, and you’ll feel like the time spent waiting for your vehicle goes by in a flash. We offer a complete¬†Audi repair service, and maintenance facility at Lucas Auto Care. Our service bays and diagnostic tools are the best in the business, and whether you just need a routine inspection or a complete repair of your air conditioning system, brakes, engine, or any other component of your high-end performance vehicle, our polite and knowledgeable team of trained professionals can take care of it for you with the utmost respect. Don’t make the mistake of going to one of the other auto shops in Houston, come to Lucas Auto Care today.

Audi Repair Service