When car enthusiasts think of luxury and quality automobiles, the name Audi always springs to mind. Audi now makes luxury models for all types of drivers. You might have a sedan that lets you make an impression on those on the street, or you might have a wagon that has more than enough room for your family and everything they take with them on trips around town or vacations. As an Audi owner, you should know that routine maintenance is an important part of keeping your vehicle on the road. When you need an Audi oil change, don’t trust just anyone with your baby. Lucas Auto Care will keep your Audi purring like a kitten and uses quality and dependable parts. Car reviewers point to Audi as one of the top brands on the market today. Part of its popularity is due to its refined engine, which runs quieter and smoother than you might imagine. Called one of the best bands in Europe for decades, Audi is just as popular in the United States. Owning one of these vehicles require that you use the right type of oil and the right grade of oil. You might need a synthetic oil, a blended product or one of the¬†higher quality products now available. Lucas Auto Care is the only place in Houston that you can trust to do the Audi oil change that your car desperately needs. Mechanics and technicians can even help you select the right type of oil and other products to use based on your engine type. As we want the best for our customers, we only hire the best and most dependable mechanics. All our workers can help you make the repairs that you need and change your oil too. We even have advisers who can help you better understand what your car needs. Each and every customer who comes through our doors becomes a member of our Lucas Auto Care family. Since opening our doors to Houston customers, we built a base of helpful partners and experts to help us identify all the oil filters, oils and other parts that Audi models need. When you want your car to run as smoothly as possible, you want to make an appointment with us. Visit our Houston area Lucas Auto Care shop to learn more about the services we provide and to become a part of our family.

Audi Oil Change