Q. What type of filter is best for an Audi Oil Change?
A. We prefer OEM filters; they have been approved or supplied by Audi. This acronym stands for original equipment manufacturer.

Q. What kind of motor oil is appropriate for Audi cars?
A. We use and recommend Mobil 1. This is a high-quality synthetic product that works well in high-end autos.

Q. What amount of motor oil does Lucas Auto Care put in vehicles?
A. Our staff follows the manufacturer’s recommendations for each car. After performing this service, we check to make sure the right amount was added.

Q. How many minutes does it take to change the oil?
A. We usually complete this task in no more than 40 minutes. Waiting times vary depending on the condition of your vehicle and the time of day.

Q. Are additional services available at the same time?
A. Our technicians can inspect your tires, belts, safety equipment, windshield wipers and filters. If necessary, we’ll replace filters or wipers. Lucas Auto Care can also flush your brakes, wash the car and/or add nitrogen to tires.

Q. How can I determine if I need an Audi oil change?
A. Although an older car might not have this capability, most Audis feature interactive screens that can tell drivers if their oil must be changed in the near future.

Q. How frequently is it necessary to change motor oil?
A. We recommend changing it after traveling 6,000 miles or driving for six months. This is necessary because of the driving conditions in Houston.

Q. Who performs this task, and where do they complete it?
A. Technicians with Audi-specific training change the oil. They conduct this work in the service bay before moving your car to the washing facility. If desired, customers can sit in the waiting room and watch them.

Q. What is needed to turn off the oil indicator light?
A. To reset this indicator, we use a special tool from Audi. This task is always included for free.

Q. Will you drive the vehicle after changing its oil?
A. Our technicians sometimes briefly drive cars to make sure everything is working correctly and no warnings appear on the display.

Q. What are the advantages of choosing Lucas Auto Care?
A. We use OEM parts and hire skillful technicians who have received training from Audi. They know how to properly service Audi vehicles.

Audi Oil Change