Your Audi will benefit from an Audi fluid flush. The brake fluid and engine cooling system will have improved efficiency by flushing, which will subsequently remove sediment build-up. The transmission fluid should also be flushed regularly to keep it clean.

Brake Fluid Flush

Do your brakes feel soft or spongy when you apply them? The may be an accumulation of moisture in the brake fluid. This can occur due to condensation. We will flush the brake fluid and eliminate the moisture. While we are flushing the brake fluid, we will examine the rest of your brake system is in good, safe working order.

Cooling System Flush

Does your Audi overheat? Is the heater blowing cold air? Let Lucas Auto Care flush the cooling system. Your engine cooling system accumulates foreign particles over time due to chemical reactions within the system that slowly break down the various metals and hoses. This leads to clogging of the radiator, heater, and thermostat. An overheated vehicle can leave you stranded at the worst time. The technicians at Lucas Auto Care will drain and replace the coolant. They will also check the condition of all the hoses and determine if any need to be replaced during the procedure.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Do you want to ensure your transmission continues to shift smoothly and operate correctly? Bring it to Lucas Auto Care and we will flush the transmission fluid. This will be beneficial to the transmission’s valve body, clutch packs, and solenoids. A transmission fluid flush will prolong the life of your transmission.
These fluid flushing and refilling jobs can be difficult to perform at home, so let the trained professionals at Lucas Auto Care perform the job for you instead. Bring your Audi into one of our three Houston locations. The trained technicians will be happy to perform a full Audi fluid flush. All of the Audi models, including A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5, Q7, TT, R8 and all S models, can and should have their fluids flushed periodically.

Audi Fluid Flush