When you pull your Audi up to an intersection and can sense abnormal vibrations, it may be time to replace your beloved Audi engine mounts. Rough idling can be another sign. If your car is experiencing either of those conditions, we can help. Engine mounts tend to be forgotten. We suggest you get them checked on a regular basis. As mounts wear, frustrating rattles and hums can ride up any car’s chassis and be felt in the passenger cabin or through the steering wheel. Seeing us for a routine look at your engine mounts can help you avoid such vibrations. People sometimes ask us why engine mounts fail. One reason is the fact that nearly everything feels the effects of time. The mechanical forces of driving also come into play. Your Audi’s engine mounts feature rubber casings. With time and wear, rubber dries and cracks. Those cracks can allow the vibration-dampening liquid within your engine mounts to leak. Cracked engine mounts that have lost their liquid must be replaced to restore your Audi’s quiet ride. That liquid is like the cartilage in your body. If you did not have it, your bones would wear on each other. You would also feel more vibrations during physical activity. Your Audi needs fluid-filled engine mounts as much as you need your body’s cartilage. It is difficult to put a number on when an engine mount will fail. Of course, new Audis will roll for a few years without a problem. As your Audi acquires miles, its engine mounts will require attention. Just as your car needs oil changes and other regular maintenance, it also needs a routine check of its engine mounts. During any service appointment, Lucas Auto Care can check out your Audi engine mounts. You will find us on ¬†Grant Road in Houston. Call us to set up an appointment! We are always happy to help.

Audi engine mounts