It’s possible to harm your Audi vehicle by putting the wrong type of coolant in the cooling equipment’s reservoir. This could also void the manufacturer’s warranty. The Audi cooling system has modified its coolants repeatedly during the past several years, so the appropriate variety must be selected with care.


Every Audi vehicle has a reservoir that holds coolant. This fluid was specifically formulated to protect the engines in these high-end cars. It lubricates various components and shields them from damage. Parts that benefit from coolants include the water pump and head. This liquid helps to maintain safe engine temperatures throughout the year.


Be sure to exercise caution when selecting a fluid for your automobile. Several choices may be available. Audi no longer recommends the use of G12+, G12 or G11 coolant products. It has substituted them with enhanced coolants that may be used in any Audi engine.

The latest coolant available to mechanics is known as G12++. It went on the market during the 2005 model year. A similar product called G13 appeared for model year 2008. It is only added to new Audis during the manufacturing process. Service centers don’t need this fluid or have access to it.


If a problem with the cooling equipment makes it necessary to fully replace this fluid, an extra step is required. A technician needs to flush the vehicle’s cooling system. To avoid any further problems, this task should be completed in a way that complies with the manufacturer’s bleeding and filling guidelines.


It’s acceptable to mix different coolants. However, mixing decreases the protection against corrosion that they provide. Consider completely changing this fluid for optimal results. For example, this may be a wise move if your vehicle’s reservoir still contains some G11 and you want to add G12++ to it.

However, there is an exception to this rule. The G13 and G12++ products can be mixed together without facing an increased risk of corrosion or any other detrimental effects. This means that it’s completely safe to top off the original fluid in a 2008 or newer Audi by adding G12++.

Lucas Auto Care can simplify this process for you by adding the appropriate coolant for your vehicle. We only use up-to-date fluids. If necessary, our certified technicians can safely service  your Audi cooling system. Please dial 281-379-5800 to schedule a convenient weekday or Saturday appointment at our Houston repair shop.

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