Audis arrive from the factory with superb, street-ready brakes. Of course, some of our customers like to take their Audi brakes for an occasional lap around a race track. We recommend that those drivers upgrade their braking systems to performance parts. Even if you never take your Audi through the trials available on a race track, you should bring it to us when you need a brake job. Brakes are designed to wear, and they must be replaced in a timely fashion. Skipping brake maintenance can lead to costly repairs or dangerous situations. At Lucas Auto Care, we use rotors and pads that match the parts put on your car at the factory. Our customers who participate in track racing or autocross racing should look to us for performance braking options. We will happily discuss with you the equipment you will need to get your Audi ready to challenge a race track or autocross course. Making changes to your Audi’s hardware will have a very big impact on its performance in a racing situation. Decisions regarding your car’s brakes should be approached thoughtfully. After all, you may find that an aggressive brake pad that works great in a track situation is too intense for everyday driving. At Lucas Auto Care, we are devoted to our customers’ happiness with their automobiles, and we can offer you a variety of ways to tweak your Audi’s brake setup. We can talk with you about the pros and cons associated with making any improvements to your braking components, whether you are leaning toward adding new hardware or flushing out your car’s brake fluid and replacing it with a high-performance formula. Before your next race, come talk to us about the right setup for your Audi. In Houston, you can find us on Grant Road. We would love to see your Audi and help you make your¬†Audi brakes¬†perform to their fullest potential.

Audi Brakes