An illuminated brake light or a squeal in the brakes on your Audi may be an indication that you need Audi brake service on them as soon as possible. There are several reasons that your Audi brakes may be squealing, and one of those reasons may involve brake dust. This dust can accumulate on the rotor surface and the pads, and that can cause the calipers to make a noise when you press the brake pedal. Another typical brake noise involves humidity. Brakes operate by way of friction, and any moisture that comes between the pads and the rotor can cause a loss of connection and result in a squeal. Audi has developed a combination of a soft brake pad and rotor that gives their vehicles better stopping power than most. Unfortunately, this combination means that the brakes wear a little faster and produce more brake dust. If you do not keep the rotors clean, you will notice a noise in the brakes. Audi has built-in sensors in the front brake system that alert you to the need for service. If your brakes need attention, the sensor in the front brake system sends a message to the dashboard telling you that you need to get your brakes serviced. When you see this alert, you have anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 more miles left on your brakes before they are worn out. The rear brakes do not have this sensor, so it may be difficult to determine when you need service on the rear brakes. One thing you may notice is a grinding noise coming from the rear brakes that will alert you to the need to replace the pads. When you have to schedule a brake service, make sure that you get both the brake pads and the rotors replaced. Brake rotors need to be replaced more often than you may remember from before because in the 1980s brake rotors were made from a cast iron material. That meant that you could resurface them and make them like new. Today’s rotors have been developed with complex materials that can no longer be ground down. The replacement cost is almost the same as having them resurfaced. It is always a good safety decision to replace brake rotors when you do Audi brake service.

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