Imagine turning the key in your Audi and finding that it will not start. This can happen for a range of reasons, but one of the more likely possibilities is a low battery charge. If your Audi has a few years on it, we can help you avoid any worry about running into this situation. Bring your Audi to our factory-trained crew at Lucas Auto Care. We can test your Audi battery and find out if it holds the proper charge to start your car for the next year. If it does, we can send you on your way with a smile. If it does not hold the proper charge, then we can help you. You will find us passionate about providing Audis with proper care and high-quality parts. While dealerships tend to lean toward batteries that only last two years, we install the batteries preferred by Audi to deliver the right charge to start your car for years to come. The climate of our beloved Texas puts environmental stresses on any car’s parts. Your Audi is no different, so you should choose a premium replacement battery. Cheap batteries offer the initial attraction of a low price, but they do not last as long as the factory-preferred batteries that we install. Choosing the right battery from Lucas Auto Care will give you more months and miles before you might again think of replacing your battery. We have expert technicians, and they will be happy to install your new battery with care. They will make sure that all of your Audi’s electrical features, like your sunroof or electric seats, operate correctly after the new battery’s installation. At Lucas Auto Care, we care about your convenience, your safety and your peace of mind. Bring your Audi battery to our Grant Road location. We will take care of your battery needs while you relax in our comfortable waiting room.

Audi Battery