If your Audi is a few years old and has its original battery, you can bet that its charge is on the weak side. With the stresses that our Texas climate can cause a need for Audi battery replacement, you should not tempt Murphy’s Law. We all know that, given enough time, things that can go wrong do go wrong.

As time passes, all batteries degrade and lose the ability to hold a charge. You have likely experienced this reality with your phone or laptop battery. While you could replace those batteries by driving to the store, if your Audi’s battery dies, you will be stranded. If your schedule is busy, then you know that your time is too precious to squander on an old battery. You will be better off taking a little time now to come to Lucas Auto Care and have us put a new battery into your Audi.

While you might be able to acquire a battery for your Audi at a dealership, you should come see us. Dealerships use basic batteries that will only last a couple of years. We will expertly install the best battery for your Audi model, and we will take the time properly to connect your automatic locks and other electric features with the new battery.

Our batteries carry the top warranty in Greater Houston. We only install Audi-preferred batteries. While others may cut corners, our batteries are the right equipment for your valued Audi. Putting the right battery in your car will give you more time before you have to think about getting another one.

At Lucas Auto Care, you will find factory-trained technicians who will help you get your car back on the road before you know it. Come see us for anything your Audi needs including anĀ Audi battery replacement. We’re located on Grant Road, and we would be happy to serve you!

Audi battery replacement